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Happy Birthday Sister!

My dear sister, Noelle, turned 15 today. Unfortunately, due to various things going on, we were unable to celebrate. If it weren’t for Mom telling her happy birthday at lunch today, I probably would have forgotten all together. My poor dear sister randomly stated in the middle of the afternoon: “Life goes on around me as I quietly pass into my 15th year.” I took her out for dinner at Carls Jr. before church but that was about the extent of her celebration. So this is for you my dear sister:

Happy Birthday! It has been a blessing watching you grow and mature. You have had such a big influence on my life. While we have had our brawls and fights especially when we were younger, it has been wonderful sharing life together and talking to you about our relationships with God and how they are growing and maturing. Even though you are seven years younger than me, I look up to you in so many ways. I could not ask for a better sister. So again, happy birthday, and I can’t wait to get ice cream with you tomorrow and spend even more time with you!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sister!

  1. Sarah, you are a sweet sister.

  2. noodlenelly on said:

    Sarah, don’t be surprised if you see tiny sparkles of joy rolling down my cheeks. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday, for it felt like a different day, a new day. Though we only went to Carls Jr., with you everything felt like a palace. Though all I ate was chicken stars, with you they tasted like a big juicy steak. Though we were only going to GA’s afterward, with you it felt like an adventure, an adventure into my next year in life.

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