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Epiphany = Awesomeness!!!!

This is an utterly boring post – if you are Noelle especially – so please do not read…just saying…

Thanks to my wonderful Sunday School teacher I had an epiphany this morning! [I love epiphany’s – it’s such a marvelous thing when the light bulb shines so brightly above my head and my eyes get so wide in excitement that I freak my teacher out!] We were talking about the incarnation and how Christ was %100 God and 100% man [Excited? I sure am!]. And I had never really known what to think about Christ as man…was he just God in a man suit? Did he act as a man or did he act as God? I always assumed Christ not only had full access to the Father but also that he acted as God throughout his time on earth.

My Sunday School teacher, HOWEVER, stated that he believed that Christ never acted as God except on the mount of transfiguration. [What? That’s crazy…he was God but he didn’t act as God?] It was a constant choice Christ made to not only conceal his Godness but also to refrain from using the power he had as God. For instance, God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient as is Christ. But Christ chose to refrain from using those powers which he had. This has huge implications! [Here comes the REALLY exciting part so don’t stop reading yet!]

For one, it makes far more sense in light of the scripture that says Christ grew in wisdom. If Christ were omniscient like God, then he would not be able to grow in wisdom. However, if Christ did not use that power – then that portion of scripture makes a lot more sense.

In addition, it also gives me great hope. If Christ performed miracles because he acted as God – I have no hope that I would be able to perform them because I am not God.  If Christ conquered temptation because he acted as God – then I doubt that I will be able to conquer temptation. However, if Christ did these things through the power of the Father but not as the Father, then there is great hope within me that if I strive to grow closer to Christ, He will give me the power to be like Christ!

One rebuttal I have been attacked with already is that Christ “knew” what the Pharisee’s were thinking so he must have used his omniscience. But that can easily be explained because Christ was in constant communion with God and God could have told Jesus and most certainly did tell Jesus many things.

You’re probably all thnking one of two things right now:

Either you’re thinking that this is the most insane idea you have ever heard and that I’m foolosh to fall for such poppycock!


You are thinking – gosh Sarah, you are sooo dumb…I’ve known that since like 3rd grade!

Well if you are either of these two people, please do not respond –  I would like to bask in my excitement for just a little while longer…


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2 thoughts on “Epiphany = Awesomeness!!!!

  1. Greg Stucky on said:

    It’s a rather true thing. Christian culture has a nasty tendency to give all of the head knowledge and then move on. A good example:

    God raised Lazarus from the dead! See the pictures? Now draw Lazarus coming out of the tomb. TIME’S UP! Now look at Jesus healing a leper…

  2. I like the way you put your thoughts in writing. In addition, the idea is profound. However, my personal favorite part of your blog is the word “foolosh”.

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