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A Month (or so) of Marriage

After a little over a month of being married…I have decided (because I’m an expert on marriage now) that being married is far better than being single (at least for me). My reasons?

I don’t have to be away from him for days, weeks, or months at a time…cause I live in the same country, state, city, and house that he does.That reason alone makes it better. However, there’s much more.

There’s something gratifying about cooking, cleaning, and taking care of another person. Feeling needed is a plus. I get to try out new foods and he shows his constant appreciation. He’s there to motivate and encourage me to make goals and pursue my dreams. Normally I would just be lazy because there was no one around helping me see my potential and desiring that I pursue it.

Another plus is that I get to decorate my home however I like it (so long as my hubby likes it too). I like making things and I look forward to creating a peaceful place for Josh and I to call home. And lastly (for now), as a married woman, there’s always someone there to go on crazy adventures with you. Boredom is more easily solved when there’s two of you and there are plenty of places to go and see.



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4 thoughts on “A Month (or so) of Marriage

  1. And after God had formed Woman out of the rib of the Man, he spoke and saith: “It is not good for Woman to have nothing to decorate. Come, let the Woman and the Man be married and live in a dwelling, and let the Woman busy herself with decorating the dwelling, however she likes, and this will be pleasing to her, for she is a Woman.” And so the Man and the Woman were married, and God brought them to a cave within the garden as a dwelling for them. And the Woman busied herself with decorating the cave as she liked, and this was pleasing to her, for she was a Woman. And the color schemes did not relate themselves to each other in a manner pleasing to the trends of future days, and yet they were not ashamed.

  2. I love being married. I would not want it any other way. The challenge of marriage is always a challenge. Build the foundation now for the storms later. God will bless you.

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Ben. It truly has been a blessing to be married. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And right now, we’re really lucky because we both mainly work from home so we really get to spend lots of time together. I do believe we’re building a good foundation – though there’s always room for improvement.

      Beautiful pictures of your family, by the way. It must be quite fun (and crazy) to go from 1 to 4!

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