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Going Grain Free

After 3 days of going grain free I can say I am feeling much much…


But that was to be expected, I suppose, since my body is dealing with withdrawals. Josh, of course, is suffering the most from this diet. Not because he’s suffering from lack of grains (he has not stuck to the diet a single day) but because he has to deal with grumpy me! The good news is that I do feel healthier. I’m eating a lot more veggies and fruits to make up for the lack of grains. I saw a decrease in my allergic reaction to food today – I’ll hopefully find out soon if this is just coincidence or if my body is on the mend.

It’s been fun eating grain free food though! I love having the added variety in food.

First day: Meatza for lunch topped with bell pepper, mushrooms, bacon, and onions (better than regular pizza, Josh loved it too). Baked potatoes for dinner (due to lack of time).

Second day: We were gone all day so I had the inside of a tuna wrap and sweet potatoes for dinner.
Third day: Chicken stuffed with Argula and spinach, fennel avocado salad, spinach salad with yellow bell pepper, carrots, and mushrooms (This meal was so yummy – Josh didn’t like the fennel as it has a licorice flavor, but I thought it was great). For dinner I was craving something unhealthy that wouldn’t take me off my grain free “diet” so we went to McDonald’s and I ate the patties of a burger and some fries. Twas yummy. 🙂

For those of you uncertain as why I would stop eating grains, this lady provides a good explanation of what grains do to harm your body.

Josh is hoping this “diet” won’t last more than a week. I’m hoping it will last a life time. Some of the cons I’ve found so far are that it increases our grocery list quite a bit because we have to buy more veggies and we have fewer leftovers. I find that I can’t just make one thing anymore, I have to make a meat dish plus a couple of veggie dishes in order to fill up properly. I’m hoping the pros will outweigh these cons in the future.


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