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Adventures in Canada

Here in the Harris residence, we have been experiencing lots of rain. In fact, it’s usually two weeks of constant rain with not a patch of blue sky in sight…and then we might get one or two days of the most gorgeous weather with clear blue skies. So what does one do when it rains all the time?

Well Mr. Harris makes cookies.


And on those rare fair weather days we head outside so that we can get enough Vitamin D to last us another couple of weeks. This is Josh at a near-by “beach.”


And I happened to see Bald Eagles for the first time in the wild…in Canada, rather than America.



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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Canada

  1. I love Josh’s cookie monster face! It has been raining here too, but we do get lots more sunshine than you do.

  2. Haha, yes, Josh was quite proud of himself for making cookies! He can make them all by himself except for the timing in the oven. He has to have me determine when they are done. 🙂 Cookies is one of the many ways we satisfy our daily sugar addiction…so much for being healthy!

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