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No-Sew “YAY” Flags for a Rustic Wedding

What with venues banning rice and even birdseed these days, I looked for alternative ways to do our wedding farewell. Who actually wants to be pelted with rice by a mob of people any way? Most of the weddings I had previously attended used the typical little plastic bubble containers for guests to blow as you are whisked away to your honeymoon. Perhaps because it was an over used tradition, or perhaps because I never thought the bubbles were very cute, I didn’t really like that alternative.

So instead, despite the fact that my fiance thought it was weird and cheesy and that nobody would like it, I made “YAY” flags. They were little flags on muslin fabric perfect for my rustic wedding theme. And the guests loved them! Not only were they used as we said our farewells but the guests also used them instead of the clinking glasses to get us to kiss. So the whole reception was lively with shouts of “YAY” and waving of little flags. They also make great little favors for the guests!


Things you need:

  • Wooden dowels – 1/8th – 1/4th inch in diameter
  • Muslin fabric
  •  Acrylic paint in the colors of your choice
  • Sponge paint brush
  • newspaper
  • Letter stencils (Y and A)
  • Ribbon in your wedding colors
  • White glue


1. Cut muslin into rectangles, leaving enough room to fold one side over the dowel. The size of your rectangle will depend on the size of your stencil letters. Be sure to lay your stencils out to determine how much room you’ll need to paint the whole word on the flag allowing for room to fold the edge over the dowel. Mine were cut to about 3.5 x 8.

2. Once your muslin is cut, lay your “Y” stencil out and paint using the sponge brush – do the same for “A” and “Y.” Let dry.

3. Once your flags are dry, turn your flags over, and turn your stencils over. Paint the opposite side in the same manner, using the paint on the other side as a guide. Let dry.

4. Put your dowel on your flag, leaving about 3/4″ of the dowel at the top. Place glue on your dowel and on the edge of your muslin. Fold muslin over your dowel and let dry.

5. Cut ribbon about 8″ long. I used two different colors on each flag. Place ribbon together and tie them around the dowel with a simple knot. If desired, glue in place.

My guests had a blast with these little flags, I hope you will enjoy them too!


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