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Going to Toronto!

Since I’m not longer on Facebook to announce anything to friends, I thought I’d just announce it here:

Looks like we’re moving to Toronto in a month or so!

A few things I’m looking forward to:


Lots of thrift shops and used stores


Having access to a huge library

Numerous choices in Farmers Markets for every day of the week


I’m going to miss the beautiful British Columbia, the friends we’ve made here, our church community, and being at least somewhat close to home, but I’m looking forward to new adventures in Toronto.

And for the family, who I’m sure is just dying to know if we’re still alive…and doing anything fun, here are some photos.






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4 thoughts on “Going to Toronto!

  1. Hey, that’s a lot of farmer’s markets! Maybe you can find real milk.

    • I’d love to find raw milk, but it’s illegal to sell in Ontario so I’d have to buy a cow share to get any…and I’m guessing that’ll cost us a lot more than buying almond milk.

  2. So, Josh dragged you off to play golf, eh? I’m sure he was his usual competitive self and kept saying you were doing it all wrong.

    • Actually he was really sweet about it – but yes, he definitely didn’t let me sit on the bench and watch! I did hit some balls this time though. Much better than last time where I swung at the gold ball 40 times before even hitting it!!!

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